Real estate transactions: November 2016


Here are the real estate sales for Saratoga County from Nov. 7, 2016 to Nov. 10, 2016:

John Hall bought 22 Midline Road from Shelly Leatherwood for $230,000 on 11/07/16.
Linda Cillo bought 74 Lancaster Court from JKM Builders LLC for $271,824 on 11/08/16.
Daniel Anderson and Kathryn Pierce bought 26 Old Stage Road from Peter DiLorenzo and Dawn DiLorenzo for $440,000 on 11/09/16.
Steven Ellsworth and Kristine Burdick bought 662 Charlton Road from Claire Liebert for $249,000 on 11/10/16.
Clifton Park
Carmelo Lento and Isabella Lento bought 8 Brookwood Drive from Charles Lobosco Jr. and Jane Lobosco for $265,000 on 11/07/16.
Gregory Hein and Erin Hein bought 946 Grooms Road from Matthew Smith and Mayrita Arrandale for $470,000 on 11/07/16.
John Michne Jr. and Tina Michne bought 99 Balsam Way from Heritage Builders Group LLC for $412,694 on 11/07/16.
Danielle Gorka bought 126 Southbury Road from Robert Gorka and Richard Gorka for $244,000 on 11/07/16.
Christopher Kruszeski bought 3 Tern Court from RAS Closing Services LLC for $339,000 on 11/08/16.
Lloyd Eggleston and Paula Eggleston bought 2 Shetland Green from Ellen Ross and Margaret Perreault, Executors for $342,000 on 11/08/16.
Louis Butts IV and Theresa Petrone bought 5 Mallard Drive from Sudhir Baral and Sohana Khanal for $366,000 on 11/08/16.
Eric T. Tanski bought 697 Plank Road from Eric R. Tanski and Eva Tanski for $485,000 on 11/09/16.
Nazar Chervinka and Oksana Chervinka bought 30 Linden Court from Trustco Bank  for $182,200 on 11/10/16.
Avinash Ganesh bought 34 Chatsworth Way from Pinjia Zhang for $405,000 on 11/10/16.
Carlos Osorio and Jennifer Osorio bought 6 Whispering Pines from Ruthann Snyder and Sherrie White for $209,000 on 11/10/16.
Mark Reynders and Meghan Chapin bought 24 Glenwood Drive from Khai Gibbs and Karen Gibbs for $270,000 on 11/10/16.
Joyce Wells bought 214 Palmer Ave. from Kevin Hanna for $146,800 on 11/08/16.
DKC Holding Inc. bought 93 Hadley Hill Road from John Balfour for $55,000 on 11/10/16.
Collen Tillson bought 5733 Lake Road from State of NY Mortgage Agency for $66,000 on 11/08/16.
Jeffrey Sendzicki and Teresa Sendzicki bought 5757 Jockey St. from Susan Stewart for $320,000 on 11/10/16.
Andrea Rubaszek bought 529 Sodeman Road from Frank Coppola Jr., Administrator for $240,000 on 11/08/16.
Michael Olson and Carrie Olson bought 76 Third Ave. from Maureen Clancy for $175,000 on 11/07/16.
John Rucinski and Robin Rucinski bought 21 Kelly Lane from Anna’s Place of Halfmoon LLC for $75,000 on 11/07/16.
Amy Valtin bought 4 Inglewood Drive, Unit A, from Bordeau Builders Inc. for $322,227 on 11/07/16.
Cathy Simmons bought 6 Tupelo Drive, Unit C,  from Punit Jain for $205,350 on 11/09/16.
Jennifer Clarke bought 13 Lighthouse Drive from Waheed Mall and Angela Mall for $245,000 on 11/10/16.
Lawrence Heid and Madeline Heid bought 11 Plank Road from Frederick Paul Jr., Frederick Paul Sr., Barbara Paul, and Darlene Paul for $246,000 on 11/10/16.
Kyle Holley and Kendra Hoyt bought 13 Anchor Drive from Everett Chamberlain and Cita Chamberlain for $285,000 on 11/10/16.
Mohammad Afzal and Nusrat Afzal bought 35 Farmview Lane from Lee Wilson and Shelley Wilson for $465,000 on 11/10/16.
Jennifer Borden bought 24 Pepperbush Lane from Debra Garrow and Israel Garrow III for $199,000 on 11/07/16.
Ryan Stephens and Elizabeth Harding bought 414 East Line Road from Delia Marzigliano for $417,500 on 11/09/16.
Jason Peterson and Laura McClements bought 137 Arrowwood Place from James Nair and Joanne Nair for $100,000 on 11/09/16.
Lucas Salazar and Lindsay Salazar bought 41 Bayberry Drive from Rainbow Chen for $375,000 on 11/09/16.
Larry Raike and Carol Raike bought 40 Weston Way from Barbera Homes-Malta Springs LLC for $395,877 on 11/10/16.
Lauren Humenik bought 789 Schuyler Way from Leonard Kies and Candace Muller for $323,000 on 11/07/16.
Daniel Karkotsky bought 5 Linden Lane from University and Green LLC for $211,600 on 11/08/16.
Israel Garrow III and Debra Garrow bought 3662 Galway Road from Michael Hiltunen and Danielle Hiltunen for $257,000 on 11/08/16.
Margaret Owen bought 132 Hutchins Road from David Burke and Eleanor Burke for $197,000 on 11/08/16.
Brian Caron bought 303 Greenfield Ave. from Margaret Roohan for $103,000 on 11/08/16.
Robert Popielarski and Diane Carson bought 96 Deer Run from Brenda Carson for $165,000 on 11/08/16.
Robert Tabone bought 528 Elk Circle from Kristina Dreps for $180,000 on 11/09/16.
Barbara Wood bought 12 Knollwood Hollow Terrace from John Flomer and Penelope Flomer for $192,000 on 11/10/16.
Christopher Hughes bought 6059 Country Farm Road from PennyMac Co. for $157,500 on 11/10/16.
Jeffrey Nitsche and Anne Nitsche bought 17 Tamarac Drive from The Michaels Group LLC for $271,070 on 11/07/16.
Theresa Cantz bought 46 Ferry Blvd. from Michael Lawler and Michelle Attanasio for $193,000 on 11/09/16.
Roger Howerton III bought 5 New St. from Nolan Tucker and Melissa Tucker for $132,500 on 11/09/16.
Joshua Janes and Kristen Janes bought 18 Marion Ave. from FE Saratoga Inc. for $202,000 on 11/09/16.
Bridget Early bought 23 Ferry Blvd. from Randon Chibroski and Rebecca Chibroski for $162,000 on 11/10/16.
Alicia Eagles bought 212 Blackbird Lane from Brian Rinella for $194,000 on 11/07/16.
Patrick Sleasman and Brianne Gilhooly bought 63 Cook Circle from Mark Pinieri for $216,000 on 11/09/16.
Angela DiMatteo bought 7356 Bills Road from Patrick Donohue and Stephenie Donohue for $199,500 on 11/09/16.
Patrick Russo and Jennifer Mazzone bought 7331 Bills Road from Colonial Heritage Mobile Home Park LLC for $90,000 on 11/10/16.
Saratoga Springs
Joseph Frey and Marilyn Frey bought 107 Elm St. from Bonacio Construction Inc. for $598,100 on 11/07/16.
Matthew Smith bought 121 Grand Ave. from Erik Geizer for $332,500 on 11/07/16.
Peter Agostinello and Maureen Agostinello bought 3 Saint Jude Court from Patricia Battesh for $352,000 on 11/08/16.
Vincent O’Neill and Annette O’Neill bought 9 Glenwood Drive from Marie Hurley, Trustee for $215,000 on 11/09/16.
Anthony Aquino bought 1 Marjorie Drive from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $191,000 on 11/09/16.
Janine Rome bought 7 Sarazen St. from Linda Klaus for $310,000 on 11/10/16.
Mark Tooker and Beth Tooker bought 9 Furlong St. from John Dougherty and Catherine Dougherty for $412,500 on 11/10/16.
Chase Twichell and Russell Banks bought 14 Victoria Lane from Frederick Moran and Jeannine Moran for $615,000 on 11/10/16.
Mark Bailey and Ashley Bailey bought 1157 Hudson Ave. from Robert Finigan Sr. for $181,500 on 11/10/16.
Charles Day and Brittany Day bought 4 Greylock Drive from Melissa Waghorn for $378,000 on 11/07/16.
Lawrence Casey and Deborah Casey bought 2 Preston Court from Swift Group Inc. for $55,500 on 11/08/16.
David DeStefano and Sherry DeStefano bought 41 Palmer Terrace from Ryan Donelan and Leanne Donelan for $255,000 on 11/08/16.
Harold Redling and Ellen Redling bought 1 Claire Pass from Richard Cordovano and Katherine Cordovano for $365,000 on 11/08/16.
Stephen Smirles and Martha Smirles bought 6 Saw Mill Court from Smith Bridge LLC for $588,472 on 11/08/16.
Boon Cheng Goh bought 2 Parkhurst Road, Unit A,  from Anthony McCracken and Courtney McCracken for $279,900 on 11/08/16.
William Krouse and Gertrude Krouse bought 5 Preston Court from Swift Group Inc. for $56,500 on 11/09/16.
Mark Davis bought 16 Farmington Ave. from Paula Schewe for $195,000 on 11/09/16.