Employees serving in 108 ambulances in Punjab will go on strike from August 4

Chandigarh | The 108 Ambulance Workers Union in Punjab has recently announced an indefinite strike starting from August 4, which may result in difficulties for people seeking access to the government-run 108 ambulance service during medical emergencies.
The union’s state president, Amandeep Singh, and vice president, Joga Singh, have cited pending demands as the reason for the strike. One of their main grievances is the lack of salary increases since 2013. Despite promises made in January of a salary hike of Rs 5000, the company has failed to implement the increase even after seven months. The health minister had advocated for the pay raise, but the company has not complied with the order. In addition to the salary issue, the union is also demanding medical and accident insurance coverage for 108 employees. They are further requesting the restoration of closed holidays and the reinstatement of employees who were terminated during the COVID-19 pandemic period.