Music is like medicine which works in every mood: Mamta Sharma

Mamta Sharma, the singer of the songs Munni Badnaam.. and Fevicol Se.., sees music as her medicine for every mood. In a conversation on World Music Day, Mamta says, ‘The importance of Indian music among the music of the whole world is like salt to eat. Just like food without salt cannot be tasty, similarly no party or celebration is complete without Indian music. Music is very important thing for me. I don’t see my existence without it. When I was not doing playback singing, I used to think that at least one song of mine should come out so that people would recognize my voice.

I am lucky that today I have three-four such songs. For me, music is like a medicine which works in every mood. For example, if I am in a state of panic or despair, listening to some calm and lovely music in that situation gives peace to the mind. If the mind is sad and in that mood one listens to an emotional song, it makes the mind lighter. Mamta will soon release a new one minute song for Instagram reels.