Three children of a family died after consuming poisonous food in Rohtak’s Baland

A tragic incident occurred in Rohtak, where two women and five children from the same family fell ill after consuming poisonous food. Unfortunately, one of the girls passed away at home, while two others succumbed to their injuries at a private hospital. The condition of two women and two children is reported to be serious.
The affected individuals are from two real brothers, Rajesh and Rakesh, who reside together in Baland village under the jurisdiction of the Shivaji Colony police station. On Tuesday evening, Rajesh’s wife Seema and Rakesh’s wife Monika prepared vegetables and chapatis for the family. However, the following morning, the health of Diya, Riya, Kanika, Lakshit, and Jatin deteriorated rapidly. Other family members also experienced restlessness and dizziness.
Tragically, Riya, a 2-year-old girl, passed away. Concerned relatives rushed the remaining four children and women to a private hospital. Unfortunately, both Lakshita and Diya also lost their lives during treatment.