ED took Mercedes from Tanwar’s house and documents from Kuhad’s house

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) conducted a raid in the chambers of mining traders in Hisar, which began on Thursday and concluded late on Friday night. The ED team wrapped up their operation at around 11:30 pm and left Wazir Singh Kuhad’s Kothi located in Satya Enclave, Urban Estate. It is reported that they seized some documents during the raid.

In another location, the ED team had left Vedpal Tanwar’s Kothi in Sector-15 at around 3 o’clock in the morning. They departed with a Mercedes car and some documents that were parked at the premises. During the raid, the businessmen seemed to have disappeared from their chambers. It was discovered that Wazir Singh Kuhad’s wife and elder daughter were found at Tanwar’s house, while the driver and some family members were present at Kuhad’s Kothi.

As of now, the Enforcement Directorate has not issued an official statement regarding the raid. The nature and purpose of the raid, as well as any further details, are yet to be disclosed. It is advisable to await an official statement from the ED for a comprehensive understanding of the situation and the outcomes of the raid.